Preparing for an 8-hour code surgery

Just a little progress update on my work. A lot has been done for the past few weeks but I still have like a gazillion things left in my todo list. I’m about preparing myself to start working on my engine’s Graphical User Interface or GUI system. While researching on this subject, I realized that i have totally forgotten on how my ResourceCache will manage shared resources like resources in video memory (i.e textures, meshes, etc…). So I’m back again working on my ResourceCache for at least a few days and figure out how I’ll implement this feature. BUT through my research, this has also lead me to pick a little bit on managing terrains. streaming terrain, to be specific. I thought this would be quick and easy until i realized that there’s no way i can implement this really quick in my Pulse (Virtual) File System with how my code is set up on using zlib compression. This has led me into a lot of frustration but fortunately i have found some articles and a sample on how to achieve random access with zlib. Now for tomorrow, before i get back on my ResourceCache, I need to do this really quick. And when i say really quick, I mean spending the entire day refactoring (surgery sounds more fancy. lol) a lot of my File System code to support this awesome random access feature…. WHICH, i believe, will be very crucial when i’m about to implement some fun content streaming techniques like streamed music or game content like terrain streaming.

I’ll post an update on how this goes by tomorrow night

And before I sign-off, watch this amazing beautiful classic!

Andrews Sisters – Song & Dance – Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy


– CodeSushi


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