Re-evaluating my career path…

My math classes are going quite well. I’m hoping to finish Matrix3x3 and part of Matrix4x4 by tomorrow. Anyway, this post is not really about my project update. But more on re-evaluation of my career path (AKA emo post. lol) …

I’ve been thinking about this since last year actually. Unfortunately, no matter how hard I try, It is just almost damn impossible to really get into the industry I’m in, in my current state living in the Philippines, no visa and all, although this is not the main reason but one of them. Another reason that has been bothering me quite a lot is our family businesses. So I’ve been thinking really hard for the last two days and I think I’ve made a decision. After experiencing a series of hope crushing, slap-in-the face, bad lucks one after the other, just because of my STUPID situation of not being a citizen of the US, I’m about to lose hope. But I’ll wait a year more and see where my current career goes. I may have one(or two) more chances left which I’m honestly really hoping that it’ll push through late this year. If it does, then I’d probably be the happiest person on Earth. 😛 But if not then I have no choice but to change my career path next year. I’m planning on taking Accountancy. This has also been one of my interests before I took Computer Science (and later Game Development). Even though I know that this won’t change my interest in game development a bit, I really don’t have any choice because (something2x about family businesses) and this would be the most practical career instead of continuing to wait for nothing…

Unfortunately, not everyone’s stories ends in a happy-ending. Mine seems to be one of them. I’m just making sure by making some back-up plans while I’m still young before I further waste more time and possibly ruining my future… : )

Ink Spots – I Don’t Want To Set The World On Fire



– CodeSushi


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