Curriculum Vitae


University Of St. La Salle Bacolod – Bachelor of Science in Computer Science 

  • Discontinued to pursue a degree in game development
Full Sail University – Bachelor of Science in Game Design and Development 

GPA: 3.21 GPS: 103 Perfect Attendance Course Director’s Award Advanced Achiever
September 2008  


General Experience 

Team Development

  • Role based responsibilities
  • Experience on working multiple projects at a time
  • Able to work with other team member’s code and integration using source control
  • Debugging large scale projects
  • Maintain professionalism in times of difficulty
  • Proper and detailed documentation for designing game projects

Professional Experience

Foundation 9 Entertainment – ImaginEngine

Contract Engineer – March 2010 to Present

  • Atari’s Haunted House (2010) – PC, XBLA, WII – General Programming
  • Dora Links Fall – PC – Extending core game functionalities
  • Implementing various general programming tasks

Event Speaker at SM City Mall Bacolod

Event Speaker – December 2009

  • Game Industry Overview
  • Career Talk
  • Simple Game Demo

Event Speaker at University of St. La Salle

Event Speaker – Septemer 2009

  • Understanding gaming addiction
  • Career talk

University of St. La Salle Student Thesis Project – Palosebo Plus

Technical Adviser – October 2009 to March 2010

  • Best Thesis Award
  • Overseeing overall development progress
  • Providing core game technologies
  • Setting up meetings and deadline schedules to meet requirements on time

Foundation 9 Entertainment – ImaginEngine Studio – Dora Links

Contract Engineer –  May 2009 to December 2009

  • Level script implementation using LUA
  • Fixing all game related  bugs/issues defects and general tasks
  • Implementation and integration of  specialized minigame versions for the game levels
  • Extending features in game systems and minigames
  • Assets (Audio , Art) Integration

Educational Experience

Team Projects

Two months 2D Library Simulation Project

Acting External Producer, Technology Provider

  • Making sure important tasks and responsibilities are evenly assigned to each member in the team
  • Guiding the design and technical aspects of the development of the project
  • Setting up milestones and timely quality check of the development of the project

Three months 2D Game Project

Acting External Producer for 3rp(Trip): Group of Computer Science students in their Capstone (Final) Project. University of St. La Salle, Philippines

  • Developing and maintaining schedules
  • Overseeing creative and technical development of the game
  • Ensuring timely delivery of deliverables(milestones)
  • Scheduling timely quality  assurance

Five months 3D  Game Project

5 man team – Ad Gladium – 3D fighting

  • Technology lead officer
  • Camera system/manager to handle multiple cameras in game
  • Cinematic camera effects and behaviors
  • Contributed an Action interface for the character class for easier action execution
  • Fuzzy logic AI state machine for dynamic reaction times and action sequences
  • Action Manager to handle scheduled actions used by the AI state machine
  • Shader system to handle different types of shader effects to be used in game and shader effects
  • (Some Effects Made: Motion Blurr, Distortion Effects,
    Multi-Texturing, Phong Shading, Toon Shading)
  • Collision spheres hierarchy for the skinned mesh characters

Two months 2D  Game Project

5 man team  – Lunacy – 2D Shooter

  • PAK Files
  • Level/Tile editor in C#
  • Camera Culling
  • Game State Machine
  • Object Manager
  • HLSL pixel shader

Individual Projects

Ra-Agnaroken – 2.5D shoot em up

  • Level/Tile editor in C#
  • Developed own scripting language to load levels and create characters
  • Robust and flexible system architecture
  • Camera Culling

Battle Pong – Mini Sports game

  • Win32 API
  • 2D Sprites animation
  • Revamped game concept of pong
  • Target positioning AI movement

Cool Boggle – Puzzle

  • Graphical boggle game in console
  • Implemented graph and hash table data structures
  • Used FMOD for background music

University of Saint La Salle – Kinematic Equation Calculator for Physics

  • Developed using C++ console programming
  • Animated visual step-by-step computation

Work Experience

Prenda Negrense Pawnshop and Jewelry Store

  • 4 years and 11 months work – 2001 to 2005
  • Store Manager
  • Vault manager
  • Back-up cashier
  • Stocks inventory

Programming Language:

  • C/C++
  • C#
  • HLSL
  • X86 Assembly


  • DirectX
  • OpenGL
  • TCP/IP

Scripting Language:

  • Lua


  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Perforce
  • Tortoise SVN
  • Alienbrain
  • RenderMonkey
  • Unreal Editor
  • Git
  • Git Extensions

Personal Skills:

  • Disciplined
  • Very Optimistic
  • Very Good Problem Solving Skills


David Brown
Associate Course Director
Full Sail University
Instructor, 1 year known

Kent Gambill
Software Engineer
896 Semoran Park Drive
Winter Park, FL 32792
Classmate & Coworker, 3 years known

Kyle Sell
Game Developer / Software Engineer
3874 Calibre Bend Lane apt.901
Winter Park, FL 32792
Classmate & Coworker, 2 years known

Joyce Llena
Software Developer / Software Engineer
Bacolod City, Negros Occidental,
Philippines, 6100
Classmate, 1.5 years known

Sheina Wong
Leo St.JR Torres Subd. Bacolod City, 6100
Negros Occidental, Philippines
Friend, at least 7 years known